Bourse de Commerce (Paris)


If You Don’t Understand Something Search For It On YouTube 

large letters and numbers, 2021.

The acronym refers to the day (23) and month (01) of the official inauguration of the Bourse de Commerce. The official inauguration has been postponed few day before the 23th january 2021.

But after IMG any combination of numbers can work (for example “IMG 3733” like in the video project) . In fact, thousands of videos are made every day around the world and uploaded to YouTube without giving them a specific title.

This installation, despite being apparently immobile and permanent, changes every day and reflect the fluid and precarious complexity of our present. Following the title of the installation also means creating an act of resistance to the Internet algorithm that always tends to offer us content that “we like” because we will arrive at a completely unexpected and different video playlist every day.

Today we are experiencing a pollution of information and content in which we have all been producers and consumers for 10 years. This pollution brings substantial anesthetization where we are forced to live on the surface of things. This large installation does not create yet another content but a way to order the content produced in the world already in an abnormal way.

By Left Hand Fingertips 

various material, dust spot, saliva, 2021.

The sculptures made with fingertips are extremely significant. Fingertips are the thing we use most in recent years. Apple’s tactile mouse becomes a sort of extension of our “cave”. The private dimension which today represents the only remaining political space. The choice we make in this dimension is worth 10-20 times that of a politician.

These sculptures only live in the instant we look at them and they are like a black hole that has sucked up all the space and time between the lights in the artist's studio and the last spectator who leaves the museum. They are immobile but at the same time "very fast" because they are always at the same time and in the same space as the spectator.

In this case the traces of dust and saliva on our screen are also brought back to the artwork which makes them more noticeable through the red color.