Best Of


If you don't understand something search for it on YouTube 

for Smach 2017 in Val Badia (Italy). Installation published on "The word is Art" Thames & Hudson.

wooden letters, 11x2 m + video 


Black Mirror

air conditioners, visitors videos, visitors actions, Prada Foundation 2019. 

Black Mirror Visitors Video >

If you don't understand something search for it on YouTube 

for San Gimignano skyline for 30th anniversary of Galleria Continua (30 years, 5 locations in the world, and so IMG 30 and 05)


By left hand fingertips 

various material, dust, saliva, Tate Modern 2020. 

By left hand fingertips 

various material, dust, saliva, Bourse de Commerce 2021. 

+ image, digital photo frame, 2021 


(Private collection: Marcello Forin, Giorgio Fasol, Mauro De Iorio, Marco Rosa, Private collection Padua)

Official and unofficial projects: Mart, Rovereto (2009); Whitney Biennial, New York (2010); Biennale di Venezia (2013); Abbazia di Sénanque (2013); Gamec di Bergamo (2014); Boros Collection, Berlino (2015); Serpentine Gallery, Londra (2015); Fondazione Prada, Milano (2016); Hotel Helvetia, Porretta Terme (2016); Quirinale, Roma (2017); SMACH 2017, Val Badia (2017); New Museum, New York, (2017); Biennale di Venezia (2017); Tate Modern, Londra (2017); National Gallery of Scotland (2018); Centrale Fies/ Manifesta 12, 7800 Project (2018); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, #OccupySandretto (2018); ICA Milano (2019); Venice Biennale (2019); Gagosian Gallery Rome (2019); ; Prada Foundation Venice (2019); My Arbor My Art, MyArbor (2019); Spaa, Galleria Enrico Astuni, Bologna 2020; San Gimignano Project (2020); MoMA New York 2020; Bourse de Commerce, Parigi 2021.


 In the Italian contemporary art scene there is a figure of considerable interest. Luca Rossi–artist/ collective, critic, curator, and blogger–is a controversial personality who works in anonymity, as some kind of Anonymous of the Art System. In Luca Rossi’s philosophy, the ego no longer exists because anyone can be Luca Rossi, at the same time that the “critical process”, the virtual space of the Internet, and the real context no longer have boundaries and blend into one. 

Today individuals experience a sort of “non-experience” in the sense that they spend most of their time surfing the “network”, producing a “new memory-without memory” or a “passive and a-critical assimilation” into the system. Luca Rossi knows this well. He constantly reminds us of the history of art and ideas, of our past, of what it means to be critical and active, struggling to preserve one’s own authenticity and originality in the great McDonald that is our contemporary world.

Luca Rossi's Tongue, eraser, real dim, 2018

Many curators and artists, both in Italy and Europe, have been following Luca’s work with great excitement. By now Luca is considered the only critical voice that “stands out” in the current Italian landscape.It is worrisome that Luca’s work has yet to be recognized by institutions and organizations, despite receiving the acknowledgement of the public and many curators and artists. This says a lot about what the value that the Italian system places on the “real artist”. The Italian contemporary landscape has been dragging itself down for more than 10 years, producing artists who “copy and paste”, endless repetitions of projects signed by the same names, and decreeing the end of contemporary art. 

RAJM, pdf document, little sculpture inside 
Venice Biennale Gardens, visitors' stones, 2017.

If you don't understand something search for it on YouTube 

acrylic painting, 70x70 cm, Galleria SIX, Milano 2019.

Order a pizza 

 communication campaign, billboard,T293 Gallery, 2017. 

...plays... (place + rays)

sun light, a place, a gallery in Warsaw, 2011.

Thermal Refuge 

Spa, Thermal and Wellness area of Hotel Helvetia repurposed from what was a anti-aerial hideout during World War II, pdf document, Porretta Terme, 2016


communication campaign, traveling action, Trentino Woods, 2018


an action (to photo an empty display case), photographic documentation, Luca Rossi 2013.