Galleria Massimo De Carlo

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Pizza Expectation (But Were Afraid To Ask)

press release modified, a George Condo solo show, pizza
Galleria Massimo De Carlo, 2009.

This new project should be a development of the project presented in May at the T293

Gallery.Visitors and the readers of Whitehouse are requested to order a pizza (from everywhere

in Italy) to be delivered at 5, Via Ventura at 7 PM on Sept. 18th, 19th or 20th, 2009, at the

Massimo De Carlo Gallery in Milan. This operation doesn’t have any polemical intentions

toward Massimo De Carlo and his staff, whose constant action I admire.

The delivery boy’s arrival is a “trivial”, but also very poetic and simple event, a kind of

benevolent incursion by a stranger. On the other hand, George Condo’s exhibition represents a

ritual “under control”; in this case, it states the analysis of the word “Art” (in the original title of

this exhibition).

The waiting/hope for the pizza represents in its simplicity a moment full of pleasure but full

of frustration, too. It is a situation suspended between the natural survival instinct, between

your empty stomach and the waiting. This project aims at contaminating George Condo’s solo

exhibition to reach a third dimension of signifier and signified: a “third exhibition” pervaded by

the tension of the waiting and then, maybe, of the arrival.

Visitors and the readers of Whitehouse make their presence clear and testify their Urgency by

ordering a pizza. This is a simple but very important act, simple and “complex” at the same

time. If no pizzas will arrive, it won’t be relevant at all: it will mean that nobody is feeling that

peculiar Urgency. Waiting for pizzas in that particular place will be absolutely important. The

setting is intentionally “foolish” and insulting , like a child picking his finger in a chocolate cake

while it’s still laying in the bakery’s window.